Our vision is to always be better in comparison to the previous year. To be a recognizable, valued and reliable support to our customers and a reliable partner to all businesses in the regional market in the domain of the food and chemical industries. We strive to become and remain the regional market leader in providing product quality and safety, as well as quality of services. We aim to be leaders in efficient, high-quality and contemporary offering and achieve stronger and direct contacts with domestic and foreign manufacturers.

High quality and safety of our products and services is ensured by the established integrated quality and food safety management system (IMS) in accordance with SRPS ISO 9001: 2015 requirements and Codex Alimentarius (Annex) guidelines CAC / RCP 1-1969 Rev. 4-2003, with its constant review and improvement, respect for good hygiene practice, good production practice and applicable legislation in the field of business.


FINS PRODUCT d. o. o. is engaged in the import, trade and production of flavors, colors, concentrated fruit products and additives for use in the food and livestock industry, as well as fragrant substances for use in the chemical industry, which meet the stated and realistic customer requirements. Our mission is to continuously supply customers by providing a consistent stock of the entire product range, as well as quality professional and technological support.