FINS PRODUCT is a company with decades of experience in the field of flavours, colours, emulsifiers, stabilisers and other special raw materials for the food industry (confectionery, ice cream production, pastry industry, fruit processing industry, dairy products, meat products and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage industries), chemical industry (household hygiene detergents, personal hygiene products), pharmaceutical industry, dietary supplement industry, animal feed production and pet food production.

In its range of products, FINS PRODUCT offers quality concentrated colors for the food industry (confectionery industry, confectionery and bakery, egg colors, colors for PET food), for the chemical industry (detergent colors, fabric softener colors, car cosmetics colors, for household chemicals and dyes for handmade soaps).

Our offer includes perfected classic aromas, as well as innovative aromas at the request of our clients. Considering the highest quality standards of raw materials that we use in the process of production of aromas, our products have a continuity of high quality. The flavors in our offer comply with all safety regulations and industry standards.

Fragrances evoke memories and memories of people, events and places. With our range of fragrances, we want to revive pleasant moments in life. More than 130 years of experience and knowledge in the field of fragrances, through the technological support of our business partners, are the basis for the realisation of creative ideas and innovations intended for our clients.