Our product quality and safety policy provide the basis for achieving these goals through:

  • Constant identification and assessment of needs and satisfaction of requirements and expectations of users, with consistent high quality of products and services, as well as establishing mutual trust
  • Continuous increase of market share, realization of income and profit by continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of all processes with improvements to the organizational, technological, technical and infrastructural capabilities and through the provision of necessary resources for the effective operating of IMS
  • Building and maintaining partnerships with customers, suppliers, government agencies and other stakeholders through mutual trust, exchange of knowledge, experience and encouragement of active implementation of all measures to improve quality and ensure product safety
  • Systematic development and improvement of knowledge and skills of the management team and the employees through training, as well as increasing motivation by improving working conditions and living standards
  • Sustainable long-term business based on the development, production and sale of competitive products that meet the needs of the market with quality and price
  • Active participation of all employees in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all activities in the service delivery process.

All employees of FINS PRODUCT d. o. o. are responsible to perform the assigned tasks in the best possible way according to the rules of the profession, the requirements of the documents of the integrated food quality and safety management system, to preserve the acquired image of the organization on the market and in any other place, respecting rules and codes of conduct.

The CEO of FINS PRODUCT d. o. o. is responsible for determining the measurable objectives arising from this Policy, as well as the control and adequacy of its implementation. The product quality and safety policies are reviewed once a year to determine their effectiveness and are available to all stakeholders.

Belgrade 05/05/2020

Larisa Jovanović, CEO